The first of many!

Well, here we are.  A little nervous, scared, excited and optimistic!

Over five years ago, I started a blog on the Google Blogger platform called 40 Days and 40 Nights.  It was originally designed to be an accountability tool to make sure I was staying on track with my Lenten ask/pledge.  That year I’d chosen to do something good for someone else every single day instead of giving something up.  I’d document it by way of a blog post, and surprisingly, it turned into a creative release and even developed a small following.  I’d force myself to sit down every day and think of what I should say, and how it would look and feel.  Last night for sighs and giggles, I logged in and re-read some of my old posts.  Boy was I young and naive back then, or at least it feels like I was!  Now that I’m in my early thirties, I know so much more…yeah right!

Recently, I’ve been in a creative rut.  I find myself starting a project, then just dropping it after a few takes.  My husband knows all too well about my photography books in the closet, or the full paint set and canvas collection he furnished and surprised me with.  I had this nasty habit of sitting down and busting out a few prints, or edit a few photos from a wedding or a weekend adventure, then drop it like a hot potato and then nothing at all.  The equipment would just sit there, taking up scarce closet space, just collecting dust…sad isn’t it?  I’d always tell myself, go pick up your camera and drive around looking for inspiration.  Or, get that paint out and go to town on a canvas to replicate that cow print you’ve been wanting for so long.  Alas, Sunday evening would roll around and nothing – no painting, no photographing.

So now what?  Que in the fears and challenges of why will this blog be any different.  The reality is that maybe it won’t.  Maybe it’ll just be something I start and never pick back up again.  Maybe it won’t catch momentum like my first one did, or no one will care.  All of those maybes just may BE true, and that’s ok!  My hope is this new journey reignites that creative spark to do something more than hit Kirkland’s or Home Goods on the weekend and re-decorate the living room, or dining room, or master bedroom, or my office at work.  Everyone knows by now that I have plenty of my home touches in every nook and cranny of our frequented living spaces!

And so the vision is born into a new blog space.  A fresh start if you will, where the content of this blog is subject to change.  Here are my thoughts and a few of my favorite categories to write about:

  • Wearing & Styling will feature favorite clothing pieces, outfit pairings, and of course where to find them for a good price!
  • Rustic Home will be a living Pinterest-esque board and DIY project source
  • Eating & Exploring will showcase food pics and recipes, along with our travel adventures.  Bear with me because Steve Roybal said he would contribute to this page, so buy extra stretchy pants for this category!
  • Random Thoughts will be just that.  A random place to put those “I need to get this out and on paper” posts that aren’t linked to fashion, travel, food or the home decor space.

For now, I’ve titled the blog “Living in Glitter”, because who doesn’t love all things that sparkle?!?  Feel free to take it for a read and I hope you enjoy!