Baby You Should Go and Love Yourself

I posted something similar to this last week for #WCW on my social accounts, but I really wanted to dig a little deeper on this topic, especially after soaking up some extra QT over the extended Labor Day weekend.  Can we just have three day weekends every week?!?

So here goes ripping off the personal band aid a little more…

On the daily, I scroll through my news feeds on Instgram or Facebook and catch myself starting to over analyze, or worse yet compare myself to others.  The idea I should always look a certain way, maintain the perfect magical number on the scale, the need to always dress to impress, the constant worrying if people will like me or worse yet, try to fit in while losing myself, the pressure to post every milestone moment to keep up, the constant ad link or sale to enable the shopping experiences in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the quest for clicks and likes…it can all be exhausting and quite frankly isn’t how I want to live my life.  This side blog project has been a critical part in my self-discovery journey, but it has also enabled my love of shopping and battle for wanting to be socially accepted.  The balance of finding new and fun content, while trying to stay true to myself, my goals, and my promises to our bank account is a grind.  Let me say it again, the struggle is real ya’ll!

To try and combat some of this “tough stuff”, I’ve been doing a lot of deep soul searching as of late.  I credit 99% of it to my amazing acupuncturist Nicole, who is guiding me on this spiritual enlightenment journey.  So here we go.  I’m putting in on paper again and blasting it loud and clear so the universe can hear me!!!

My wish list for the universe…

  • I wish I could go back to my 25 year old self and tell her not to worry about meeting her prince charming, and to trust that he will come her way when she least expects it…

WCW Dating

  • I wish I could tell her not to force the next step and believe that she will have her fairytale marriage one day, but also that real life happens and it won’t always be perfect (and that’s ok!)…

WCW Engagement & Marriage

  • I wish I could tell her not to waste a single second of life arguing with her loved ones, because tomorrow they could be gone (which is hard for us stubborn Italians!)…
  • I wish I could tell her not to push away the one person who loved her unconditionally, and eventually had to give his baby girl to another man to share her heart forever…
  • I wish I could tell her not to be insecure with the path she’s on, and to trust the journey…
  • I wish I could reassure her that she is worthy of all of her wildest dreams coming true, but to appreciate what she has, be present in the moment, and to pay that gratitude forward…

WCW Travel

  • I wish I could remind her to never forget where she came from and what it took to get her where she is today (and boy did it take a freaking village!)…WCW Home and Family
  • I wish I could tell her that not placing her trust in a higher power would lead to disappointment and having to dig for the soul searching “tough stuff” down the road…
  • I wish I could remind her to trust that the universe has her back, to continue to take her hands off the wheel, and to hold out that the universe will deliver all of those asks as it sees fit…
  • I wish I could go back and erase the hurtful things people said that made her doubt herself…
  • I wish I could bottle the strength it took for her to push beyond that dark time and always keep that fire in her belly alive…
  • I wish she never compromises her integrity to fit in and be one of “the girls”, because real friends love you for who you are, not what you bring to the table…
  • I wish that she remembers when people throw shade or make passive digs and snarky remarks, they are really covering their own deep-rooted insecurities (note to self to remember this applies to her words as well!)…
  • I wish all of this so much that I think I will tell her today, and keep reminding her every single day to come that she continues to be worthy of all of this and more! 

Another one of my spiritual gurus sent me this quote and it rang so loud and true for what was racing through my mind that particular day, that it almost smacked me on the forehead.  In the spirit of sharing and growing together –  “You’ve got a new story to write. And it looks nothing like your past.”

WCW quote

Thank you universe for again reminding me to chill out and enjoy the ride!



My Favorite Amazon Finds!

I did a very lengthy try-on and styling session over on my Insta stories yesterday at “thereal_mrsroybal” handle.  I wanted to take all of my favorite current and past Amazon finds, and share them with my fashion-loving friends!  Going to keep the copy on this post short and sweet and get to the good stuff…the clothes, duh!

Here Are My Favorite Amazon Fashion Finds…





That’s all for now.  Happy Amazon Prime shopping fashion lovers!



Old Navy Sale Steals!!!

I’m in the process of posting a long-winded Instagram story about all of this as well, but wanted to hop on here and share some of the fun clearance and mega sale finds I scored from Old Navy of all places!  Since the online coupon for 30% off ends today 8/21 [no code needed, auto applied at checkout], I thought I’d get this post up as quickly as possible with stock photos and the links to shop, then add my own styled photos later.  Bear with me!

First, let’s talk about Old Navy jeans.  They’re practically all I wear and are one of two of my favorite brands [the other is American Eagle].  I love that they’re stylish and always keeping up with the latest trend, they’re usually great quality, they fit well and don’t stretch out throughout the day plus they wash up well, and most importantly they’re priced so affordably!  Most of the time you can get all jean styles under $35 and if you time it right, the coupon codes and super cash get you even more discounts.  I’ve scored jeans for under $10 before by digging through the clearance section…crazy, I know!  I like the Super Skinny Rockstar and Mid-Rise Ankle jean styles, and if you work in an office that follows a dress code you know how difficult it can be to find jeans without distressing or missing their knee caps these days.  I like that Old Navy has a variety of options to appeal to both camps.

Now onto the sale goodies!  Most of the items I ordered online and picked up at my local store.  This whole process was super easy and my order was ready in a couple of hours.  Keep in mind the availability online is always dependent on what the store has in stock and their inventory levels change by the minute so if items are selling fast, you might miss out.  That happened to me where a shirt I selected online showed in-stock and was later cancelled on my order because my Santa Rosa Marketplace location didn’t have it anymore, bummer.  Here’s everything I ordered and/or found in the store…

  1. This V-Neck Tunic Sweater sweater is so cute, comes in a variety of colors and is only $24.49 with the 30% coupon…score! I picked the “Oatmeal Marl” color in my regular size large.  You could size up for more slouch, but I can still front tuck this or wear it with leggings/skinny jeans and booties, or even off one shoulder for a little sass on the weekend.  I will style this more tonight when I get home!
  2. This Polka Dot Tee comes in two color options and is so cute on!  I got the mustard yellow with black dots, but the white with black is so classic and just as fun! It’s $14.99 and even though the coupon doesn’t apply to this one, it’s still a heck of a deal!
  3. These White Super Skinny Ankle Jeans are only $15!!!  Yes, you read that correctly only FIFTEEN dollars!  They are on super deal special right now, originally $34.99.  I’m rocking white on white with a blue linen blazer today, so these will be new closet workhorses.  And don’t believe the hype, I wear white before and after labor day all the time.  In fact, I practically wear white all year round…such rule breaker over here!
  4. This Linen-Blend Blazer is $31.49 online, but I scored it for $17.49 in my store after rummaging through the back clearance rack.  You can risk it and try to find it in your store, or pay a little extra and snag it online.  Either way, t’s totally worth it.  I’m wearing it today with a white cotton blouse [also from Old Navy] and my new white ankle skinny jeans linked above.  I’m a believer that you can’t go wrong with white on white and pops of navy and pink for the end of summer!  Funny, because my outfit is practically the same as the model shown here, and I didn’t even look online this morning while getting dressed.  Guess I’m doing something right, LOL!

  5. This Open Front Long-Line Sweater comes in a variety of colors and prices.  I ended up going with the “Mauve” color and it was $25.89 after the discount.  I was also tempted to buy the “Cream” color, but exercised my shopping restraint [shocking!].  This will be a great fall staple piece for layering with jeans, leggings and dresses!
  6. These Relaxed Dolman-Sleeve Crochet Sweaters are so cute and also a great layering piece.  Online they’re $17.48 after the discount in your cart, but I scored mine for $15.99 after scouring the clearance racks.  I ended up going with the “Squash” color which is a true mustard yellow shade, but I also liked the “White” and “Lilac” options.  All were available in my store location.
  7. I also scored a version of this French Terry Ruffle-Sleeve Sweatshirt for 97 cents…no joke!!!  The one I grabbed had a cream-colored background with little rainbow confetti flecks throughout.  It sounds awful as I type it, but I was on the fence about it for $1.97 and when I got to the register it was even more discounted at 97 cents, so I figured what the heck!  I’ll style it with denim shorts or cute leggings on the weekend and post pics.  It’s a soft terry material and feels like a lightweight sweatshirt, but not too heavy for end of summer or those cooler evenings.  The ruffle detail on the sleeves is so cute, giving it a little extra flare. terry ruffle sleeve sweatshirt top.PNG
  8. Last, but not least, I loved this Chambray Faux-Wrap Jumpsuit with the ruffle sleeve detail.  I didn’t end up getting it [or even trying it on for that matter], but I really loved it!  It’s a constant battle to be practical and purchase things I can both to wear to work and outside of work, but this one really tugged at me and was hard to resist.  Online it’s $27.30, but I’m sure you can find it cheaper in the clearance section at your local store.  Who doesn’t love chambray…ALL DAY?!?


Summary: run to your Old Navy today…hurry!



2019 Fall Fashion Workhorses

A staple isn’t just a piece of metal to hold multiple papers together or the office supply store, a staple is that go-to item in any form you need it.  It can be a food item or a favorite appliance/pan/knife in the kitchen, a piece (or two!) in your wardrobe, your go-to beverage…you get the idea!  For me, I call those fashion staples my wardrobe workhorses, and I always have a few workhorses doing the heavy lifting for each season.

As I was laying in bed last night, I was feeling all kinds of inspired, so I tried to get up as early as possible this morning to get ready and film some Instagram stories and snap some outfit inspiration photos.  I made it through one set of videos and one of the items I wanted to cover (so more to come this evening), but I thought I’d at least give you a sneak peak of the fall staples I’ve been loving and where to find them.

Here’s My Top 10 Fall Workhorses:

  1. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: and I’ll show you more of how I styled these beauties in a bit – Get my Spanx!, or on Amazon Prime – Get those Amazon Spanx!
  2. Chambray Button-down Blouse: I truly believe you can never have too many of these!  Here’s an Old Navy score for under $30 – Get this blouse!, or I’m loving this adorable distressed Vici piece for $54 – Get the Vici top!
  3. Graphic Tee for Layering: I’ll also add a solid color fave from Shop Ruthie Grace for under $15, score! – Get that Enya tee!, or this adorable “WIFE LIFE” graphic tee from Hazel & Olive [I have the white with black lettering] – Get that Wife Life!
  4. Any Animal Print Sneaker and/or Bootie: for me this season it’s all about the python/snakeskin print, but you can never go wrong with any kind of leopard/cheetah print either – Get my sneaks!, or these booties from WalMart (love this brand!) – Get the python bootie!
  5. Wedge Sneakers: I scored my taupe Zoey sneaks from Shop Ruthie Grace, but here’s an Amazon link for virtually the same shoe and lots of color options – Get those Amazon sneaks!…added bonus, they’re on PRIME two-day shipping!
  6. Furry Vest in a Neutral Color: I have more than one furry vest.  I know it’s bad, but in my defense, two of them were gifts for a past birthday or Xmas a few years ago.  Last season, I rounded out my collection and ordered this camel colored, longer piece from a site called Chic Wish.  It’s so comfy and super affordable, only $37 I believe and if you sign up for their email list, you get an extra 10% off – Get your faux fur on!
  7. Puffer Vest in a Neutral Color: let this wardrobe staple do the heavy lifting for you in colder weather and on those casual days where you just need to run an errand, but still want to look cute!  Here are some affordable options from Old Navy – Get this Old Navy vest in every color!, or this Amazon vest, which I haven’t tried but is oh so cute! – Get that Amazon vest!
  8. Tall Boots in a Neutral Color: I really wanted the Vince Camuto Hiltin Knee High Boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but they’re over $225 full-price, and right now that’s not in the budget [insert sad face], so I turned to my trusty Macy’s app and found a similar “dupe” style by Journee.  I was able to score them for under $70 with my Star Pass, and free shipping.  For reference, I ordered the tan color.  Please keep in mind these are not real leather, but they’re comfy as hell and look great! – Get the Macy’s dupes! or the real deals – Get the VC Hiltin’s!
  9. Mules: and no, not the kind of mule you ride in Mexico or the drink you grab in Moscow.  I’m talking about the shoe-style mule!  I have mule styles in both flats and with a little of a block heel, and let me tell you these shoes will be your go-tos when it’s not raining, mostly because the back of your heel is exposed and you don’t want to get wet!  Love these snakeskin ones from WalMart, which also come in black – Get these mules!, or these beauties from Macy’s that are on my wish list – Get the Journee mules!
  10. Duster Sweater: I love me a good duster or fun block sweater for layering, que those plain tees from Ruthie Grace I linked earlier!  Here’s an affordable option from WalMart’s Time and Tru Brand that comes in so many great color choices – Get to dusting!.  Or here’s another great option [and color choices] from Target – Get that Universal Thread duster!


Now that we covered the staples, can we take a longer minute to talk about the underrated/superstar/hidden gem, WalMart?  I recently blogged about WalMart and their summer finds, but I continue to discover favorite pieces from a brand they carry and can’t get over the adorable fashion and accessory items the Time and Tru brand is pumping out for all of their Wally World stores (and online too!).  Let’s not forget how affordable each piece is (usually under $20) and the quality is right up there with any solid, retail store brand (like Universal Thread at Target, Old Navy, American Rag at Macy’s, etc.).  Here are a few of the fun things I found in the Windsor store over the weekend, and some other online finds that I have on my wishlist and in my cart (shhhh, don’t tell the hubs!)

Booties for days, and comfortable ones too!  I tried on all of these and found they’re pretty true to size “TTS”. Here’s the online link to shop – Get all the booties!

Walmart Booties Collage

Walmart Booties lined up


And the cutest rain boots for under $30! I want the hounds-tooth print bad, but here’s the link to the leopard ones – Get your leopard rain on!

Walmart Rainboots Collage


And the cutest tennis shoes, also from the Windsor WalMart location here in Sonoma County!  I’ll be sharing styling options of the dusty rose mesh sneakers later today.  Here’s the link to the pink sneakers, I couldn’t find the leopard stripes online [insert sad face] – Get the knit sneaks!

Walmart Tennis Shoes lined up.jpg


And a few fun boot options from WalMart online – Get these boots!


And some fun work flats options, also from WalMart online – Get these flats!.  Some prints/colors can be found in-store as well!


And these adorable open side flats that I have in my cart, only $17.98! Get these open shanks!

T&T Tan Open Side Flat


And last but not least for the shoe finds, these adorable snakeskin mules I mentioned and linked above [that also come in black] – Get these mules now!

T&T Snakeskin Mule


Onto clothing items, also from WalMart.  How cute are these fitted sweaters?!?  I grabbed a black one with leopard print (stay tuned for a photo), but I’m tempted to go back and get the gray stars too (stop reading now husband!!!)…

Walmart T&T Sweaters


I’ll edit this post, or maybe create a new one with photos of my paired outfits.  I ran out of time this morning, whoopsies!  Until next time cactus glitter lovers!



20/20 Vision

2019 has been the year of self-reflection.  Whether it be within my friends circle, where my life is at this very moment, my productivity at work, making sure my cup stays full…the list of topics is endless.

To be honest, this reflection journey started right after the Tubbs Fire in October 2017, when my work started a meditation group.  We meet daily for 10-15 minutes at 2:30pm, and I fight (mostly with myself!) to put a hold on my calendar so I can make it.  I found that it really helps “give my brain a bath” and clear the mind.  So much so that it even pushed me to try another stress management tool, que my amazing acupuncturist Nicole!  Between meditation and going to acupuncture every other week, in addition to changing my diet to combat some health issues that were hindering me from being my best self, I’ve found this combo to be the best medicine so far!  I guess you could say 2019 has been the year of crunchy granola Mrs. Roybal, as I’ve even tried to go natural on a few beauty and household products, including embracing my natural deodorant covered armpits (TMI, maybe)…NAMASTE bitches!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little extra inspired, so I wanted to hop on here as I did a fun craft project today that made me reflect on the fact that we’re in August and our 2019 year is over halfway gone.  All of those new year resolutions and promises I made have been put to the test, funny how only a few remain (like getting back to the gym, LOL!).  You see, I have this pattern where I always start the new year with tons of optimism and my vision cup is overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement, but as the year zooms on, I find myself getting caught up in the daily grind while trying to keep that optimism cup half full.  This afternoon I said “NOT TODAY”, and hunkered down to make a vision board for the back quarter of 2019, including some strong goals to carry me into 2020.  Some of the items on the board are “private”, and why I know I’m supposed to be an open book on here, I’m afraid of jinxing it.  So what I will do, is share how I designed my board and began decorating.

For starters, I hit my local WalMart to gather my supplies.  Here’s what I used:

  • Poster Board (1) – I picked a white one with a gold glitter border, shocking I know!
  • Double Stick Tape (2 rolls)
  • Decorative Duck Tape (could sub out for ribbon of your choice)
  • Gold Lettering (scrapbook section)
  • Decorative Paper (I found file folders with a floral pattern I loved and cut up into squares for a pop of color on the backdrop)
  • 2-3 Magazines (your choice – I used a SHAPE Magazine and Magnolia Journal from Christmas, mostly for the home decor and wording)
Vision Board_EDITED

Ready for action!

Once I got home, I sat down and created a list of what I wanted to accomplish in the next year.  After noticing a few common themes, I then divided all of my goals into these four categories:

  1. HOME

The next step was to scour the internet and my computer photo archives to create and print a few photo sheets of quotes that have been speaking to me lately, travel pictures, and logos for sites/places that tie into my vision.  The fun part was deciding on the look and overall theme of the vision board.  Here’s what I came up with for the base layer – HELLO adorable leopard-print duck tape!

The final step was taking all of the magazine clippings and printed goodies that I selected, and arrange them in a fun/artsy way in each category.  The finished product was even better than I hoped for and is now hanging in my closet so I can look at it every day while getting ready.  Apparently, I need that smack in the face/daily reminder to keep pushing and goal digging!

I hope this inspires you to dig deep inside to find that passion to be your best self, whatever form that may be.  I also know this isn’t technically a home decor piece, but it is DIY, so I put it in the “Rustic Home” featured section.  I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes you can find on my board, “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!”



I Like BIG Birks, And I Cannot Lie…

Record scratch, wait what?!?  Somehow, I don’t think that’s what Sir Mix-a-Lot had in mind when writing his song “Baby Got Back”, but I’ve been inspired by my favorite shoes to write this piece, and the title pun worked, so here we go…BABY GOT BIRKS!!!

In this feature, I want to share my tips for finding the best deals on Birkenstock sandals for the entire fam bam and how to tell if they’re legit.  When shopping online, there are so many dupes and shady sellers, it’s feels like you need a safari guide or to cruise in on a Jeep Wrangler like in Jurassic Park.  I typically have the best luck in-store, but here’s The Real_Mrs. Roybal guide to finding the perfect Birkenstocks!

First things first, let’s start with sizing and fit.  Traditional Birkenstock sandals/shoes run in regular or narrow footbed widths.  I have flatter feet, so the regular fit is the only kind my foot sits in comfortably.  You’ll also notice all Birkenstocks are in European sizes, cue those sneaky Germans, but fear not gal pals, you can use this chart as your guide.

Birks Size Chart - Womens

I tend to size down in all of my Birks so there isn’t a lot of room in front of my toes and my heels sit right on the curve of the back of the footbed.  For example: I typically wear a Women’s size 9.5/10 in regular US sized shoes, so I always get my Birks in a size 40, which is a Women’s 9 in US shoe speak.  Some folks like the extra room, and I too have purchased my true US size match (Birks size 41), but I prefer the way the smaller size breaks in and molds to my feet over time.  In my experience, the larger size stretches too much, but its total personal preference on this one, so be sure to try both options and get your foot fitted if you can.  Local Sonoma County tip – the retailer Birkenstock Village located at 1155 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (next door to Whole Foods) will fit you for free and they’re experts in all styles, so I recommend starting there my Santa Rosa friends! 

Another thing to keep in mind – you WILL have to break those footbeds in, and the first half a dozen (or more) wears will not be comfortable.  If you purchase traditional footbeds, the break-in period to adjust to your foot arch, size, and way your foot moves will be longer.  But don’t give up, because once you break those babies in, it’s like walking on clouds of comfort for hours on end.  No joke, once you go Birks you never go back!  Pay attention, if the style you’re looking at comes in a soft footbed option, get it!  You’ll thank me later 😉

The next piece of the puzzle is to figure out what style you like best.  So far, I only own their sandals, but Birkenstock has really grown their portfolio and offers so many other options to choose from.  Be bold my friend!

For purposes of this post, I’m going to share my three favorite styles and what’s next on my wish list!

My Styles List:

  1.  The Arizona Sandal (double buckle sandal with soft footbeds – ahhhh!)

I have both a Softbed and Flor option in this style.  Both have their own perks and I really love the adjustable straps, support and comfort of this sandal.  My favorite Softbeds are the Copper Metallic with white soles, and my Flor style is black-on-black, super sleek and a staple in my closet!  I also found these silver/gray ones with gold buckles at Nordstrom Rack for $79.99.  They’re a soft strap and I love the two-toned color option and endless outfit-pairing possibilities!

2.  The Gizeh Sandal (single buckle between the toes)

I found a discontinued pair of this style at Nordstrom Rack, and although they were size 41, I still couldn’t pass up on the deal of getting them for $41.95.  Not to mention they’re navy with gold metal accents, can you say AH-MAZING?!?  I’ve also contemplated getting these in white patent or the pearl iridescent color, both are definitely on my wish list.  Only con of this style, you have to break in the footbed and the piece between your big toes, so patience grasshopper!


3.  The Madrid Sandal (single strap with buckle)

Much like my Gizeh sandals, I scored my Madrids on mega sale at Nordstrom Rack (seeing a trend yet?), and really loved the olive green snakeskin, shiny print.  This is probably the least worn style in my collection because they flap on my heel like a flip flop, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.  I also tend to go for my Arizona styles first, which means I need to work on breaking my Madrids in.  Wish list item are these big buckle oiled ones in the camel/tan color with gold accents.  SO GORGEOUS!!!



VERY IMPORTANT TIP: do not, and I mean NEVER EVER EVER get your traditional Birks completely wet or submerge them.  The cork soles will not absorb large amounts of water and it’ll almost instantly ruin the molding ability and make the surface very rough (think chalky/grainy on your feet).  If you’re the outdoorsy type, there’s some cute options for you too!  I’ve tried on these all rubber styles, which are 100% waterproof and come in so many bright fun colors.  How cute are the pink ones for kiddos from Dick’s Sporting Goods?


Or these adult Arizona and Gizeh styles?!?  Same sizing rules apply for these, and I would size down one from your normal US size.


Now onto the fun part of finding your perfect Birkenstocks!  For reference, I live in Santa Rosa, California and typically purchase mine locally.  Here’s my go-to buyer’s guide…

Brick and Mortar Shopping Tips:

Honestly, I’ve had the most luck (and scored the best deals) at Nordstrom Rack.  I’ll wander the aisles every time I pop into my local store (or search online), shhhh, don’t tell my hubs!  The most I’ve ever paid for Birkenstocks in the store is $99.99 (my black-on-black Arizona Flors).  Believe me when I say that I don’t spend $99.99 lightly on any pair of shoes, but you’re investing in your feet with Birkenstocks, so you need to be prepared to let a BIG Benjamin go.  With tax out the door, it’s about $108 and change, but totally worth it…OUCH!  These shoes can also last you a lifetime and you can check with a local cobbler to get them re-soled.  If you love them that much and wear the crap out of them, this is a great refurbish option – one that I’m in need of with my Copper Arizonas very soon!  Also something to keep in mind, when you shop The Rack, you’re limited to the styles and color options they have at the time, but if you don’t mind digging, it’s totally worth it!  The main Nordstrom store in Corte Madera also has a decent selection if you’re feeling adventurous and take a ride to Marin County.

The next place I prefer to visit/shop are local retailers such as Birkenstock Village or the multiple Sole Desire stores throughout Sonoma County.  You’ll always find quality shoes at both of these gems and you’ve got in-store experts to rely on for sizing and fit.  Big box stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods also have a limited selection of styles and color options, but are competitively priced to any of retailers listed above.

Shop Birkenstock Village!

Shop Sole Desire!

Sole Desire_EDITED

My last brick and mortar trick is to check your local Costco or Sam’s Club (if you have one close by).  I’ve seen both the Birkenstock Arizona Flor in black and the Gizeh in black at these locations for a fraction of the cost you’ll pay anywhere else.  Again, very limited color and style options and you have to time it right, but it can be an option for you if you’re an avid Costco shopper.

Online Shopping Tips:

I only buy from reputable sites.  I know that sounds like a  no brainer, but it’s harder than you think.  These are my top recommendations:

  • Websites for the any of the Nordstrom brands (The Rack included)
  • Birkenstock’s main website
  • Famous Footware or DSW online
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods online

Be careful when shopping on eBay or other commerce sites such as Amazon.  You never know what you’re getting and where the seller is purchasing their product/supply from.  I purchased my very first pair of Birkenstocks (those trusty Copper Metallic Arizonas) on Amazon and to this day I always wonder.  The logos and specs match all of my other pairs from Birkenstock direct and the box and tags matched, but that’s not always the case.  I tried to score a pair of gold Arizonas on E-Bay and it ended up with eBay refunding my money because the seller claimed they were delivered, but according to the tracking slip, they never left the port at San Francisco after coming from oversees.  I learned my lesson, and fortunately eBay took care of it, but I’ve heard horror stories of the exact opposite happening, so shop smart.

My last tip is to never order any Birkenstocks online without installing and using Wikibuy.  It’s hosted through Capital One and will scan any and all legit internet sites to make sure you’re not missing out on any coupons or the best deals.  I love it and will always reference it to make sure there’s not a cheaper site to score my Birks from.  Shop with Wikibuy now!

So the next time you hear “oh my God Becky, look at her shoes”, you’ll know they’re talking about you, sporting those new Birkenstocks!  Because remember, that anaconda don’t want none unless you got Birks hon!!!




Stylin’ in my favorite Copper Metallic Arizonas all day er’ day!

Oh hey, did you say WalMart?

Has anyone been to their local WalMart lately?  And have you noticed anything different?

Well I have, which only adds to this secret love affair I’m involved in with my local WalMart (the Windsor one for all of you Sonoma County locals).  Yes, I know this sounds weird and by no means am I trying to come off as a snob with my following comments, but I’ve got zero shame in my WalMart game and want the world to know about it {or at least this blog}!  Just know, that you always have to bring extra patience and keep an open mind when entering the doors.  If you can get past the unique clientele and sort through the sometimes disorganized rollback deals, you actually find some amazing quality pieces for a steal.  Lately I’ve been loving a few of the brands they carry for the home like Better Homes and Gardens and The Pioneer Women, womens clothing and accessories by brands Time and Tru and Big Buddha, and beauty items like the SGX NYC volume dry shampoo that I’m obsessed with.

Tonight I need to make a WalMart run for jam/canning supplies and I almost can’t contain my excitement to see what kind of fun deals find, or what new items they have stocked this week…sorry babe!  I promised a friend from college I would share the links to the recent athletic/leisure items I shared on my Insta stories and wanted to expand on a few more items that I love from there.  Here we go!

Athletic Leisure:  I strongly suggest you grab these two pieces now, like seriously….so good!  I ordered the next two items from and they shipped almost immediately and arrived in three days or something crazy like that!  The top is a medium and I had to size down to get this color, but I think it fits perfectly and there’s plenty of room.  The pants are my normal size large and are gorgeous with the white and gray marble print and breathable material strips…so sporty and cool!

Get these leggings!

Get this top!

AR leggings and hoodie

And for some fun, girly pieces: I’m loving these paper bag tropical print shorts – Get these shorts!

AR paperbag shorts

And last, but not least, I scored this fuschia maxi dress for $12…seriously!!!  It’s double lined, has this fun knot detail at the bottom, and is so soft and flattering.  I love it so much I think I want it in at least one more color!  Wearing my normal size (large) – Get this dress in every color!

AR pink dress

There’s so much more to search online, but wanted to leave these fun finds here for you to snag.  Happy Walmart trails friends!






Ruthie Grace For Life!!!

RG logo

Hey ya’ll!  Today I wanted to chat about a favorite online fashion spot called Ruthie Grace Boutique.  It’s a woman owned business (Tara you rock!) based out of Montgomery, Texas Visit RG Online Now!.  I frequent this boutique for any unique pieces I’m searching for, or just trying to scratch a shopping itch when the seasons change.  They call us repeat shoppers #regularruthies and I admittedly am one of those regulars that can’t say enough good about this shop!  When you email or DM [direct message] them, you get a real person and their customer service team does not skip a beat.  I just love their spirit and how they lift up and empower women of all shapes and sizes.  They offer an adorable plus size line in addition to shoes and a variety of accessories including hair accents, earrings, necklaces, hats and Quay sunnies.  Added bonus – they’re constantly launching new items and Thursdays tend to be the best days to jump online and snag those deals…wink wink!

I recently did a try-on haul with a few items from their mega sale still running on their website right now.  Since I got a few comments, I wanted to link the items for easy access and your purchasing pleasure!  Keep in mind, I scored these deals with an extra 50% off sale items code which isn’t currently running, but you can’t beat their reasonable prices anyways.  I DID check with Tara and their current promotion is 25% off sitewide with the code ‘FREEDOM25’ running through July 5th, so go now!

RG sale code

My recent fun finds…

Paxon Leopard Tee – neon detail and leopard print sleeves…need I say more?!? Well just a bit more (LOL)!  Fits TTS, but I actually grabbed the XL in this one.  I like the extra room and the fact that I can front tuck it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this top!

Hurry, snag this tee!

RG leopard tee

Main Street White Stripe T-shirt Dress – the stripes on this dress look almost purple online, but I assure you, the one I received is white background with black stripes.  Fits TTS and I’m wearing a size L

Snag this doorbuster deal dress! 

RG striped dress

XO, Amanda

Tessa Sweater in Blush – this fun find comes in three color options (blush, beige and gray) and honestly you can’t go wrong.  I almost want to order the other two colors, but my hubs would actually kill me, so we’ll pass on that for now!  Great fall/winter staple with distressing on the sleeves and bottom hem and can be worn off the shoulder with a little bralette, or traditional with skinny jeans and mules/boots.  I didn’t snap a pic of me in this, so I’m borrowing their photos off the website.

Get your blush on girl!


My parting words glitter lovers…go visit Ruthie Grace today!



316 Days

316 is a big number.  It represents almost a full calendar year of life zooming by and is the number of days between my last blog post and this one.  I’m a little (ok a lot) embarrassed that once again, I let myself get derailed with this crazy thing called life.  I’ve recently been missing one of the things that brings me so much joy, which is connecting with all of you and using this blog as a creative outlet.  Sooo, I’m forcing myself to get back in the game like Klay Thompson in the fourth quarter (don’t be sad Warriors fans, he’ll be back!) and feeling all kinds of inspired as of late.  So inspired that I’m even thinking of re-branding the blog and giving it a fresh name change.  I would welcome any suggestions from all of you re: names and clever titles using my last name, rainbow sprinkles and/or glitter of course…wink wink!

Here are the contenders so far:

  • The Real_MrsRoybal (to match my Insta account)
  • The Roybal Fashion Club
  • Glitter is My Favorite Color (might be taken already, need to research!)
  • A Sprinkles Life (too vague or random?)

In other exciting news…I’m working diligently on connecting my Instagram world with this platform so we can really turn up the heat…oooo baby!!!  I follow so many amazing bloggers and my dream is to one day be on another level with them building my tribe of smart, funny, sassy, bad ass, pure, kind folks looking to have some fun, say a few bad words without guilt, and get freaking real with each other!  I want this to a be a JUDGEMENT FREE zone and positive space for any human to connect with.  Seriously, there is no room for that negative ish anywhere here, k bye Felicia!

And to really step out of my comfort zone, I even did my first #ootd video on my Insta stories yesterday with a new Amazon dress I snagged for a killer deal.  I was blown away by the views and how many amazing compliments and DMs I received throughout the day from old friends and new connects, all saying something sweet or encouraging me for more posts like that very one…crazy!  Which brings me to my second ask for the day —> please give me a follow on Instagram under the handle thereal_mrsroybal to get a sneak peak of the content that’ll be coming on the blog.  Also bear with me as I play around with my Insta stories and posts while I try and figure out this whole technology thing…I swear I’ve used a computer since age eight in the first grade (insert face palm emoji now)!

But for now, I’ll leave you with the image of me enjoying this oreo stuffed churro at the local fair last weekend.  It was the first time I’ve had real/processed sugar in the last five weeks, and it was pure fucking J.O.Y.!!!


Living my best churro life! #noregrets

Until next time glitter lovers…






Lavender Blue Love

I am so beyond excited to share a new accessories shop that I recently found. Not only is it a woman-owned business (who runs the world, GIRLS!), but it is also a local, Northern California business located in Downtown Durham (near Chico). I have yet to see it in the flesh, but she has a brick and mortar shop in Durham. Dare I say I am tempted to make the 3+ hour drive just to shop?!? But fear not glitter lovers, because her Etsy shop allows you to order a lot of her custom jewelry pieces that she makes online with easy shipping options. The turnaround time is fast, the quality is outstanding and her prices are beyond reasonable. In the words of the founder Kristen, “Lavender Blue Is A Fun & Unique, Bad-Ass Boutique located in Downtown Durham, California.”

Without further ado, here is the information to find and shop this amazing gem of a store…

Get all that Lavender Blue!

Check out their Facebook Page!

And now visit their Instagram!

And proof of my new goodies!

Earrings 1_editedEarrings 2_editedGray bracelets_edited

Here is what my first time order looked like:

I have a growing wish list and definitely want a druzy ring and another pair of earrings very soon (the “Fuchsia Bugle Bead Earrings are tempting me hard)…but shhhh, don’t tell the husband!

Also there will be more content coming very soon on this Wearing & Styling page and the other pages of the blog. Perhaps more bracelet stacks (do you want to see them?), custom leather earrings (hell to the yes!) and a feature on monogrammed items (once my shipment arrives in a week or so)…so stay tuned glitter lovers!