20/20 Vision

2019 has been the year of self-reflection.  Whether it be within my friends circle, where my life is at this very moment, my productivity at work, making sure my cup stays full…the list of topics is endless.

To be honest, this reflection journey started right after the Tubbs Fire in October 2017, when my work started a meditation group.  We meet daily for 10-15 minutes at 2:30pm, and I fight (mostly with myself!) to put a hold on my calendar so I can make it.  I found that it really helps “give my brain a bath” and clear the mind.  So much so that it even pushed me to try another stress management tool, que my amazing acupuncturist Nicole!  Between meditation and going to acupuncture every other week, in addition to changing my diet to combat some health issues that were hindering me from being my best self, I’ve found this combo to be the best medicine so far!  I guess you could say 2019 has been the year of crunchy granola Mrs. Roybal, as I’ve even tried to go natural on a few beauty and household products, including embracing my natural deodorant covered armpits (TMI, maybe)…NAMASTE bitches!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little extra inspired, so I wanted to hop on here as I did a fun craft project today that made me reflect on the fact that we’re in August and our 2019 year is over halfway gone.  All of those new year resolutions and promises I made have been put to the test, funny how only a few remain (like getting back to the gym, LOL!).  You see, I have this pattern where I always start the new year with tons of optimism and my vision cup is overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement, but as the year zooms on, I find myself getting caught up in the daily grind while trying to keep that optimism cup half full.  This afternoon I said “NOT TODAY”, and hunkered down to make a vision board for the back quarter of 2019, including some strong goals to carry me into 2020.  Some of the items on the board are “private”, and why I know I’m supposed to be an open book on here, I’m afraid of jinxing it.  So what I will do, is share how I designed my board and began decorating.

For starters, I hit my local WalMart to gather my supplies.  Here’s what I used:

  • Poster Board (1) – I picked a white one with a gold glitter border, shocking I know!
  • Double Stick Tape (2 rolls)
  • Decorative Duck Tape (could sub out for ribbon of your choice)
  • Gold Lettering (scrapbook section)
  • Decorative Paper (I found file folders with a floral pattern I loved and cut up into squares for a pop of color on the backdrop)
  • 2-3 Magazines (your choice – I used a SHAPE Magazine and Magnolia Journal from Christmas, mostly for the home decor and wording)
Vision Board_EDITED

Ready for action!

Once I got home, I sat down and created a list of what I wanted to accomplish in the next year.  After noticing a few common themes, I then divided all of my goals into these four categories:

  1. HOME

The next step was to scour the internet and my computer photo archives to create and print a few photo sheets of quotes that have been speaking to me lately, travel pictures, and logos for sites/places that tie into my vision.  The fun part was deciding on the look and overall theme of the vision board.  Here’s what I came up with for the base layer – HELLO adorable leopard-print duck tape!

The final step was taking all of the magazine clippings and printed goodies that I selected, and arrange them in a fun/artsy way in each category.  The finished product was even better than I hoped for and is now hanging in my closet so I can look at it every day while getting ready.  Apparently, I need that smack in the face/daily reminder to keep pushing and goal digging!

I hope this inspires you to dig deep inside to find that passion to be your best self, whatever form that may be.  I also know this isn’t technically a home decor piece, but it is DIY, so I put it in the “Rustic Home” featured section.  I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes you can find on my board, “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!”



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