Oh hey, did you say WalMart?

Has anyone been to their local WalMart lately?  And have you noticed anything different?

Well I have, which only adds to this secret love affair I’m involved in with my local WalMart (the Windsor one for all of you Sonoma County locals).  Yes, I know this sounds weird and by no means am I trying to come off as a snob with my following comments, but I’ve got zero shame in my WalMart game and want the world to know about it {or at least this blog}!  Just know, that you always have to bring extra patience and keep an open mind when entering the doors.  If you can get past the unique clientele and sort through the sometimes disorganized rollback deals, you actually find some amazing quality pieces for a steal.  Lately I’ve been loving a few of the brands they carry for the home like Better Homes and Gardens and The Pioneer Women, womens clothing and accessories by brands Time and Tru and Big Buddha, and beauty items like the SGX NYC volume dry shampoo that I’m obsessed with.

Tonight I need to make a WalMart run for jam/canning supplies and I almost can’t contain my excitement to see what kind of fun deals find, or what new items they have stocked this week…sorry babe!  I promised a friend from college I would share the links to the recent athletic/leisure items I shared on my Insta stories and wanted to expand on a few more items that I love from there.  Here we go!

Athletic Leisure:  I strongly suggest you grab these two pieces now, like seriously….so good!  I ordered the next two items from Walmart.com and they shipped almost immediately and arrived in three days or something crazy like that!  The top is a medium and I had to size down to get this color, but I think it fits perfectly and there’s plenty of room.  The pants are my normal size large and are gorgeous with the white and gray marble print and breathable material strips…so sporty and cool!

Get these leggings!

Get this top!

AR leggings and hoodie

And for some fun, girly pieces: I’m loving these paper bag tropical print shorts – Get these shorts!

AR paperbag shorts

And last, but not least, I scored this fuschia maxi dress for $12…seriously!!!  It’s double lined, has this fun knot detail at the bottom, and is so soft and flattering.  I love it so much I think I want it in at least one more color!  Wearing my normal size (large) – Get this dress in every color!

AR pink dress

There’s so much more to search online, but wanted to leave these fun finds here for you to snag.  Happy Walmart trails friends!






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