316 Days

316 is a big number.  It represents almost a full calendar year of life zooming by and is the number of days between my last blog post and this one.  I’m a little (ok a lot) embarrassed that once again, I let myself get derailed with this crazy thing called life.  I’ve recently been missing one of the things that brings me so much joy, which is connecting with all of you and using this blog as a creative outlet.  Sooo, I’m forcing myself to get back in the game like Klay Thompson in the fourth quarter (don’t be sad Warriors fans, he’ll be back!) and feeling all kinds of inspired as of late.  So inspired that I’m even thinking of re-branding the blog and giving it a fresh name change.  I would welcome any suggestions from all of you re: names and clever titles using my last name, rainbow sprinkles and/or glitter of course…wink wink!

Here are the contenders so far:

  • The Real_MrsRoybal (to match my Insta account)
  • The Roybal Fashion Club
  • Glitter is My Favorite Color (might be taken already, need to research!)
  • A Sprinkles Life (too vague or random?)

In other exciting news…I’m working diligently on connecting my Instagram world with this platform so we can really turn up the heat…oooo baby!!!  I follow so many amazing bloggers and my dream is to one day be on another level with them building my tribe of smart, funny, sassy, bad ass, pure, kind folks looking to have some fun, say a few bad words without guilt, and get freaking real with each other!  I want this to a be a JUDGEMENT FREE zone and positive space for any human to connect with.  Seriously, there is no room for that negative ish anywhere here, k bye Felicia!

And to really step out of my comfort zone, I even did my first #ootd video on my Insta stories yesterday with a new Amazon dress I snagged for a killer deal.  I was blown away by the views and how many amazing compliments and DMs I received throughout the day from old friends and new connects, all saying something sweet or encouraging me for more posts like that very one…crazy!  Which brings me to my second ask for the day —> please give me a follow on Instagram under the handle thereal_mrsroybal to get a sneak peak of the content that’ll be coming on the blog.  Also bear with me as I play around with my Insta stories and posts while I try and figure out this whole technology thing…I swear I’ve used a computer since age eight in the first grade (insert face palm emoji now)!

But for now, I’ll leave you with the image of me enjoying this oreo stuffed churro at the local fair last weekend.  It was the first time I’ve had real/processed sugar in the last five weeks, and it was pure fucking J.O.Y.!!!


Living my best churro life! #noregrets

Until next time glitter lovers…