Lavender Blue Love

I am so beyond excited to share a new accessories shop that I recently found. Not only is it a woman-owned business (who runs the world, GIRLS!), but it is also a local, Northern California business located in Downtown Durham (near Chico). I have yet to see it in the flesh, but she has a brick and mortar shop in Durham. Dare I say I am tempted to make the 3+ hour drive just to shop?!? But fear not glitter lovers, because her Etsy shop allows you to order a lot of her custom jewelry pieces that she makes online with easy shipping options. The turnaround time is fast, the quality is outstanding and her prices are beyond reasonable. In the words of the founder Kristen, “Lavender Blue Is A Fun & Unique, Bad-Ass Boutique located in Downtown Durham, California.”

Without further ado, here is the information to find and shop this amazing gem of a store…

Get all that Lavender Blue!

Check out their Facebook Page!

And now visit their Instagram!

And proof of my new goodies!

Earrings 1_editedEarrings 2_editedGray bracelets_edited

Here is what my first time order looked like:

I have a growing wish list and definitely want a druzy ring and another pair of earrings very soon (the “Fuchsia Bugle Bead Earrings are tempting me hard)…but shhhh, don’t tell the husband!

Also there will be more content coming very soon on this Wearing & Styling page and the other pages of the blog. Perhaps more bracelet stacks (do you want to see them?), custom leather earrings (hell to the yes!) and a feature on monogrammed items (once my shipment arrives in a week or so)…so stay tuned glitter lovers!





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