A Look Into My Farmhouse Inspired Window!

It’s no secret that I have been MIA for a few weeks in blogger land (sorry!). We are in recovery mode post fire and the days and weeks keep slipping by me. However, that has not derailed my trolling of Pinterest boards and the Etsy site for accent wall inspiration! I’ve wanted a window pane or wooden accent frame/piece since we moved into our home over two years ago…seems like eons ago now. Nothing in my home screams farmhouse and when I met my now husband, everything was super modern with clean lines (his taste). Over the last five years, I’ve slowly softened him and he’s embraced our light gray and tan cloth couch, any furniture piece with grommets, softer tones of fabric and prints and almost white everything (bedding, accents, pillows, art, etc.) You name it, if it’s white, I love it! Call it a marriage compromise or call it whatever you’d like, but in my humble opinion our house feels like a home now and little by little, we’ve re-done each room and added touches of the both of us. Our dark wood dining room table has light gray studded king’s chairs at each end to break up the darker chairs that came with the table. Tones of taupe, gray, cream, silver and gold accents tie everything together and add a softer feel. Ok, you get the hint!

Back to the point of this post…

Flash back to the week of October 17th, our wedding anniversary date. I get a text mid-day from the hubby. He was on the fence about what to get me for a anniversary memento and remembered my not-so-subtle hints about a window pane accent mirror I had been sending him for a few weeks. He finally caved and asked me if I would like to order the mirror he knows I really wanted, or be surprised and have him find something for me to wear or accessorize with. We all know I have way too many clothes, handbags and pretty shiny things so I immediately said “I would like to order the mirror…pretty please!!!” Not only was it adorable, but it felt even more meaningful this year to be able to add a special anniversary piece to one of our favorite living spaces in our home after surviving the Tubbs Fire. We were less than 100 feet (about 60 feet to be exact) from the flames and had the neighbor right across the street from us not stayed and hosed down the back fence line and bushes, none of our homes would have made it. It’s crazy to think about and tremendously bittersweet as I know so many who didn’t get to go back home. My heart breaks for them so I will try and land my plane and get off this thing!

Well, here she is…isn’t she a beauty?!?

window pane boxed up

Extra padding for the ride here!

window pane unwrap_edited


window pane plain hanging_edited

Now to accessorize…eeek! Don’t mind the air purifier or me in the shot either! Wanted to get a full photo of the wall in our kitchen heading into our living room.

Friday evening we hung it and I got to play around with a few wreath accents. Pulled this dried boxwood monogram “R” wreath out of the garage and decided everything would tie in around this piece! We can be twins – buy this mirror!

window pane with R wreath_edited

R is for Roybal!

Sunday I had even more fun looking for a wooden shelf or table to place underneath and of course, new decor accents. I had priced floating wooden shelves on Wayfair and Etsy and all of them were over $50 plus the cost to ship them. Some designers wanted to charge me $100+ for a 25″ shelf which seems crazy expensive to me and no offense, it didn’t look half as good as the one I found at Home Goods for $19.99. The shelf I decided on was a distressed, gray finished wooden shelf from an Indian furniture line (name I can’t remember).  I loved the carving and scroll accents, so this has now become a multi-cultural wall, which I love even more!

window pane plain with shelf_edited

Plain shelf…boring!

window decor pink floral_edited 2

Floral accents…

window decor fall with flash_edited

Fall accents…I just can’t decide!

Because of this indecisiveness, I left the fall accents up. The cotton wreath is in honor of my Daddy and A. LoBue Farms! More rustic-inspired posts to come…thanks for reading!



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