Road Trip to Humboldt County – My First Time Up North!

Steve travels for work quite a bit.  It’s not very often that I get to reap the benefits of those trips because they’re usually during the work week for me, but this weekend we decided to make a couple’s road trip out of the dreaded long ride to Eureka for business.  We left the house fairly early Saturday morning and started our adventure north on Hwy 101.  I’ve never been past the town of Hopland, so this was all uncharted territory for me!  We made a few stops along the way and our stop in Leggett was quite possibly one of the coolest touristy things I’ve ever done.  We pulled over and drove through a historic, 2400 year-old tree.  The grounds were beautiful and Chandeller Tree was magnificent.  Of course I made Steve go in the gift shop and snagged a memento of our trip, a very cool hand-carved wooden magnet of a car driving through a tree!

After continuing on, we stopped one final time in Fortuna to grab a Starbies (what I call Starbucks).  Funny side note – the barista, this young ever so sweet gal, complemented me and started gushing about my outfit and everything I was wearing.  As I blushed and said thank you so much, Steve blurted out “she has a fashion blog”, and the gal was instantly curious and kept asking me questions.  I got so embarrassed and didn’t quite know what to say, other than thank you over and over again while trying to get my red face to calm down!  He couldn’t figure out why I was so embarrassed and to be honest, I couldn’t either.  I guess I still feel like I know nothing about fashion or home decor or cooking for that matter, and this project is just a fun, creative release that no one will take interest in or care about.  Eventually, I hope I learn to take a compliment better and have confidence in myself and what makes me happy, which has been this blog!  It also made me recognize how much I appreciate anyone and everyone (even if it’s just one follower) who supports this venture, especially my husband and the stranger, barista gal at Starbucks in Fortuna, California!

After what seemed like hours on the road, we finally made it to the hotel in beautiful Eureka.  Just kidding!  There is nothing beautiful about the town of Eureka except for our hotel room which was a total score!  Steve splurged and got us the fireplace/jacuzzi suite and it was fantastic!  The three-person tub was flanked by shiny mosaic tiles and the fireplace had this cool modern marble mantle and mirrored piece…very swanky for a Holiday Inn Express and Suites!

Hotel tub_edited

This is so awesome, I want one!

Hotel fireplace_edited

I also want one of these in our living room…Steve said no!

He left me at the hotel for the afternoon, finished his work and came back to pick me up for our next adventure.  We went as far north as McKinleyville and stopped at Clam Beach, a place he always found inspiring and comforting during his travel days up in these parts 10+ years ago.  We sat and listened to the waves crash and watched the sand move with the breeze.  This spot on the California coast was one of the most peaceful beaches I’ve ever been to.  The sand was so soft and pure, the beach was clean, the people were friendly and the coastline was breathtaking.  It was a little slice of heaven and I’m so happy I got to experience it with my partner in this crazy life.

Beach smooches_edited

My forever everything!

We also spent time in the town of Arcata and toured the downtown square area, dined on yummy Italian food at Mazzoti’s and ended our evening at Slice of Humboldt Pie, where I splurged on Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie with Chocolate Ganache- Check out these yummy pies!

Before we left town Sunday morning, we made sure to stop by Los Bagels in downtown Eureka and grab a “famous” bagel.  In my opinion, the only thing great about this place was the bacon and chive schmear and the everything bagel seasoning you could buy by the jug!  #idontgetit

Los Bagels_edited.jpg

All work aside, it was a perfect weekend and reminded us both that sometimes, work can be fun and how lucky we are to get along and not want to kill each other after 8+ hours in a car together!  Until our next adventure!





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